Sunday, August 19, 2018

Champions League Final 2006: Arsenal FC (1) - FC Barcelona (?)

Is the part of the ref constrained to judging the two groups as indicated by the principles or would he say he is simply one more player, a few minutes playing with one group and the following minute with the other? The impact of the ref appears to be huge.

Envision that a player is moving toward the objective and the objective guardian leaves this very objective. The player passes the attendant however perceiving his thrashing, the manager gets the foot of a similar player. In any case, at that point;

The player, Eto'o from Barcelona, figures out how to kick the ball to Giuly who denotes an objective. 0 - 1?

The arbitrator, anyway drops this objective, draws a red card from his pocket and exhibits it to the guardian of Arsenal. Red, ten players left, yet at the same time the objective is dropped. A wrong choice? Manage number one: in the event of favorable position the diversion proceeds.

After this, the ball ownership of Barcelona keeps on expanding, yet they neglect to check the equalizer. Before completion the principal half, Campbell from Arsenal heads the ball fantastically into the objective Barcelona. 1 - 0. The main half closures.

The Second half.

This time it is Henry from Arsenal who erroneously gets yellow. Arms stockpile on ease, Barcelona in tension.

Furthermore, it is down-pouring.

And after that, a we as a whole imagine that Barcelona loses pace and Arsenal keeps on overwhelming the amusement. At that point, exactly when a similar Arsenal if bringing down pace, envisioning that the triumph is inside reach - the goalkeeper gets yellow for holding up the diversion - it is Eto'o from Barcelona who balances the amusement. 1 - 1.

Furthermore, soon after Belletti marks a second objective and with just ten minutes to go, Barcelona moves in course of the glass. 1 - 2.

Three minutes are added to the diversion, however it won't encourage Arsenal.

This one is for Barcelona. Well done folks! Holiday...

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