Sunday, August 19, 2018

Barcelona Defense Will Crack at Chelsea

A large portion of the Barcelona football club fans were important that Chelsea stopped the protective transport before their objective and pessimistically continue safeguarding for the hour and a half. Well for all the Barcelona's football club fans here is a welcome - Please stops the transport at Stamford Bridge and Chelsea will score.

Anyone for the taking, great the shoe is currently on the other foot and trust you me Barcelona will be discovered needing in the second leg. They can't break a five men guard dissimilar to nine men barrier at Nou Camp and will yield objectives from fresh from where they even neglected to mount an OK shot at Peter Cech objective in full ninethy minutes in the main leg of Champions League Semi last 2009.

The guarded frailties of Barcelona will be all there for show at the Stamford connect when the assaulting full backs of the Barcelona will be bound to their half with Chelsea's wide assaulting players and the debilitated focal protection because of nonappearance of Marquez and Puyol will be flimsy against the power and speed of Drogba.

Stopping a transport isn't simple thing in football that too for an entire a hour and a half at a pitch which appears double the measure of Stamford Bridge and with players touted as the best three on the planet right now. For Chelsea the critical step of keeping a spotless sheet at Nou Camp is as of now accomplished and now it is the mission to score two objectives in the initial twenty five minutes at Stamford Bridge and safeguard forcefully utilizing the abdominal area quality.

Two players who should be wary in the coming match is Ballack and Ivanovich, Ballack for the yellow card and Ivanovich for attaching the speed of Henry on left flank as I won't be shocked if Boswinga again kill Messi in his own particular session of coming inside and taking the ball to his left side foot.

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