Saturday, July 7, 2018

Portugal team 2018

In the game of football, we find that there is a basis to play it is convergence between the people of one people, the continent or the world of the idea of the foot do what no one can do politically or economically, there could be a dispute between two states politically, but on the level of football It is the aim of the game, the idea of the origin of the football teams and all the world patrols are played in order to strengthen the teams that compete in continental and world championships, as the teams capture the greatest viewing and passion of the masses it is possible to be fanatic of a certain club but with The team is OK The world championships, such as the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, have made the ball more popular. The team is not only encouraged by the team, it is possible to find historically popular teams, such as Brazil, Argentina in South America and Saudi Arabia. Egypt, Tunisia in the Arab region, Germany, Italy, France and Spain in Europe. This popularity has been found because of the outstanding performance throughout history. The teams that deserve to have a lot of history are already among those teams that many of our elected Arab youth love. Portuguese who will be the hero of our article today and know more about its history and tournaments achieved by the most important players throughout history.

Portugal is one of the most powerful international teams in the world. Portugal have historically provided us with players, coaches and clubs. We have changed a lot in the history of football as important models. The most important models will be reviewed in the following lines.

The Portuguese national team is the official interface of the Portuguese Football Federation, which was established in 1914. The Portuguese team was formed to compete in official matches and international competitions such as the European and World Cup. The Portuguese team was the first to meet Spain, who lost 3-1, Portugal in 1994 to Lekhintshtian after winning 8-0, while the biggest loss was on the hands of the English team in 1947 after the loss 8-0.

Portugal was one of the strongest and most powerful teams in the world and the highest level in the classification of teams was in 2010 when Portugal came third, and the lowest ranking reached the Portuguese team in its history was in 1998 when he reached the ranking 25.

Portugal have great international participation in the level of the European Nations Cup and the World Cup already these posts have not won the Portuguese team only one continental championship, but always offers the Portuguese team very special offers if we review the representation in the World Cup, we find that the Portugal team participated in six posts During these few competitions, he won third place in 1966 in England, fourth place in the World Championships in Germany in 2006, while he took the first round three times and the role of 16 times only, while in the European Nations Championship, the team qualified to the tournament 7 times He reached the semi-finals three times and the quarter-finals twice and the final time was the 2016 champion time.

There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugal's best player in his history, thanks to his brilliance with Brazil Europe, the Sporting clubs of Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid during a march that has not ended yet and started in the early years of the 21st century.

Why the best?
Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugal's historic goal scorer with 81 goals and the highest number of matches in his 148 appearances.

The Real Madrid star does not stop scoring achievements as one of the best players in his country in terms of individual and collective awards, as well as being one of the best scorers in tournaments that Portugal is involved in.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the stars of Portugal at the 2006 World Cup, the focus was not on him and he was not the leader and the first player in the squad.

And now the task for Ronaldo to be a leader and influential after NCTI 2010 and 2014 out of the Round of 16 and from the group stage respectively, as everyone wants to see Portugal go away in the tournament with the "Don."

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