Saturday, July 7, 2018

Belgium team 2018

Belgium coach Roberto Martinez said he would face a challenge to pick a 23-man squad at the 2018 World Cup in Russia because he would have to dismiss some talent.

 "We have a lot of options in all the centers," Martinez said. It will be difficult to choose the final squad of 23 players, because of the contributions of many players and entitlement to enter the squad ». "Now it's up to every player to make his way in the squad from the best level."

The Spaniard took advantage of the opportunity and pushed the two Thuran Hazard and Yuri Telemans in the starting lineup unusual.

Martinez said of Chelsea's younger brother, Eden Hazzard, who also scored a goal yesterday: "Thurgan showed why we are joining the squad. He can play in several centers. I watched his last match with Borussia Moenchengladbach. He scored a penalty in overtime and this shows his character and I like it ». "Yuri Telemans showed great strength. He runs fast and plays football at full speed. "

Belgium was the European qualifying country with nine wins in 10 games in Group H and a record of 43 goals. Belgium also equalized Germany's record on Monday when they completed their qualifying campaign with 10 wins in 10 matches.

"It was not our goal during the qualifiers to score a lot of goals, but we did it because of the level of the squad. We scored because we made chances and this is proof that the team is doing in a great way. "

Belgium, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Cyprus and Gibraltar have won their World Cup qualifiers with 28 points from 10 matches with nine wins and one draw.

The Red Devils had little difficulty in their group, and their victories against most of the teams they faced in the playoffs were overwhelming, such as beating Estonia 8-1 and winning 9-0 at Gibraltar.

The Belgian team is led by Spanish coach Roberto Martinez and helped by the brown deer Thierry Henry, and led the team in the World Cup qualifiers for the results of a wonderful, which will ease the disappointments with former coach Mark Wilmots, who left the team in 2016.

The Belgian are now in fifth place in the FIFA rankings and played in 12 previous editions of the World Cup, their highest position in the 1986 edition, and did not reach the semi-finals in any other edition.

Belgium team stars

First: Chelsea's Eden Hazzard, who has been widely acclaimed by Belgian fans for his great skill and contributions to his career with Belgium.

Kevin De Bruyn is one of the best Premier League players of the season, if not the best of Manchester City, and will try to use his positive spirit to make a good copy of his country at the World Cup.

Third: Romelo Lucaco, captain of the Belgian national team and his historic goal with 31 goals, despite the disappointment in his first season with Manchester United, but managed to score 26 goals in various competitions with several rounds in the league, Objectives.

The Belgian team also has a number of stars, such as Dreyes Mertens, Napoli, Tottenham Hotspur defender Toby Alderfield, Roma strugglers Radga Najingolan, captain Vincent Kompany, Chelsea goalkeeper Tippo Cortua and other Tottenham players. This makes the team one of the strongest lists in the world and can form two or three of its players.

But his fans and football fans hope that the Red Devils will have a date with history in Russia. Their team includes England, Panama and Tunisia, and despite the group's difficulty, the Red Devils are favorites to take the lead.

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